Ido Portal's Movement Workshop

After just two days with Ido Portal on his Movement Workshop, he has given me a great wealth of information and insights that have already influenced how I approach fitness training. My thoughts on body weight strength training were reinforced, and more. Ido showed us not just the efficacy of bodyweight strength and mobility training, but how they are essential components of any functional fitness training program.

Ido showing us proper active
shoulders for pull ups...
Working on handstand, planche, dip, pull up progressions do so much more than just improve strength, they actually redefine it in a sense. With these movements what you get is not just raw, brute, contractile strength of the limbs, but a more stable, refined, and efficient ability to apply yourself in movement. Body weight strength training does a lot to also improve coordination, balance, body awareness, and accuracy of movement.

... And what it can lead to.

Also, I cannot overstate the value of the joint prep and mobility work that Ido presents. It's not just about learning more radical ways of stretching yourself into a pretzel. It's about which mobility exercises are important preparations for different kinds of activities, and why they are important. With his mobility exercises, I can actually carry weight on my back and over my head more safely and effectively!

Prior to the workshop I have already been a fan of body weight strength training, practicing the frog stand, some planche progressions and the handstand (or not, apparently I was just leaning on the wall inverted, wasting my time without any f***ing clue. hahaha!). I thought I would get stronger and then in time, just "get" it somehow. But with what I learned from Ido, I now have a more complete understanding of how to build my strength and coordination through the proper progressions. I now have a proper roadmap toward a true handstand and planche. Now it's just a matter getting my boots dirty and walking up the path. Someday soon!

I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to train and learn under Ido Portal and Odelia Goldschmidt. Just seeing them move is already a treat in itself! In time, I hope to be able to improve myself and come closer to their level of self mastery.

(To date, 10 days after the workshop, and still without implementing Ido's full program (I just practiced his hand balancing drills here and there in my free time), my personal record so far has become a 5 second full handstand from a kick up. That's a 500% improvement from my pre-Ido practice! I'll post a video once I'm past 10 seconds.)

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