CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification Course - Singapore 11.27.2011

It was an informative and inspiring CrossFit  Level 1 Trainer Certification last month at CrossFit Singapore! I am grateful to the Boz, Trace and Doug for being patient with all our questions. There were so many queries but they took the time to address all of them.

with the Boz and Aaron
I studied the CrossFit training manuals and journal articles through and through, but hearing Adrian Bozman's explanations still gave me a much more comprehensive understanding of the concepts behind CrossFit. The honesty, depth, clarity, and brevity of the instruction is just top notch and I think would be difficult to find anywhere else. It was also gratifying to learn that my understanding of the nine foundation movements were up to speed- this bolstered my confidence as a coach and also put to rest some questions I had regarding these movements.

with Doug Armstrong
I'm also glad that I took the Level 1 Cert with a few months of being an apprentice trainer at CrossFit MNL under my belt. This gave me first hand experience that allowed me to see right away how the concepts are applied.

With all these preparations, come the second day I was completely confident in my capability to answer the certification test.

with Trace
It was quite interesting doing the classroom sessions, hands on work, and wods with the other seminar participants. We were from different parts of the globe but it's clear we shared the same passion. We had just met there for the first time but we were all already buddies helping each other where we can, pushing and cheering each other in the wods (workouts of the day). No one was a slouch, each attendee talked the talk and walked the walk! The community spirit of CrossFit is indeed genuine and borderless.

Seminar attendees after the wod on the first day.

Thank you also to Coach Kevin Lim for hosting the seminar. CF Singapore is instrumental in spreading and elevating the level of CrossFit here in South East Asia. Wearing gas masks in met-cons is just wild!

- - -

Having received my test results via email last December 7, 2011, I can now say that I am a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Congratulations also to coach Aaron!