Ido Portal's Movement Workshop day one

I am just so tired from day 1 of Ido Portal's movement workshop. All those midline stabilization drills, hand balancing progressions, and movement prep has left me spent literally from my fingers to my toes. And he says that it's really not strength work yet, just work capacity training! That is one of the lessons that I got from this day. I'm weak! And, I can say that with a smile on my face. No where else to go but up! I'm tired, but also so amazed at the breadth and depth of the information that I was able to gather.

Ido showing us how to balance a handstand with
Odelia Goldschmidt.

Even just the warm ups and preparatory exercises for the wrists, forearms and shoulders were already such gems- add in the handstand, pull up, and dip progressions and you get a treasure trove of exercises that will get any person (yes, that means even you!) stronger and more mobile, and while using a minimal amount of equipment. The value really is in the coaching, the progressions, and the programming of the training in order to get people progressing from their current level of  strength, coordination, and balance, up to greater and greater heights.

And on a different note, Ido Portal is really my kind of coach. He doesn't mince words, very diligent and uncompromising in his methods, and shows how it is to really be able to bring out the best in the athletes that he trains. That is, with quality, concise instruction and proper cues that are easy to understand, and an unwavering focus on getting the athlete to perform correctly what needs to be done. To quote him: "if you are a good coach, then you are an asshole already". Haha!

One more full day of learning tomorrow, and I'm ready to learn more. I just hope my body will be rested up and ready as well!

When I grow up, I want to be just like Ido!


  1. sounds good! looking forward to a class someday