Rejuvination and inspiration

I have to confess, I've become somewhat complacent these past few months.

Upon being a member and then an apprentice trainer at Crossfit MNL, and practicing more the paleo/ancestral way of eating and living, I've seen myself improve immensely. I've become stronger (increased my deadlift by 40 lbs without exclusively training for it) and more balanced (I can now do a frogstand for 30 seconds consistently, and am starting to be able to do a true handstand) while maintaining my aerobic endurance (10km run stayed at around 1 hour) and increasing my anaerobic endurance and stamina (fran time decreased from 11 minutes to 7 ). I've also become more confident and capable as a coach, being exposed and trained more and more in teaching proper movement mechanics and encouraging an increasingly diverse group of people.

You'd think with that with those improvements that others see in me, that I'd be more inspired to do more. In fact, I've felt a little bit burned out on occasion, and gave myself some leeway to slack of a bit. I guess that did have it's purpose, but that has gone it's course and it's high time to get back in the saddle again. After gaining those accomplishments it's been more than a month already that I've been slacking off in training and in eating. Thank goodness I haven't regressed (I hope!), but I pretty much am certain that I stalled.

With the help and encouragement of my dearest, I did see the need to reset myself and take opportunities that present themselves. So even when I didn't really feel that I was up to it yet, I signed up for the movement workshop by Ido Portal (also with the help of Crossfit MNL) and the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification Course at Crossfit Singapore. Bahala na.

But now, with these things on my plate, I'm starting to be more diligent in my habits again. I'm eating and sleeping better again, which in turn gives me more energy to train myself more.

Also, I was lucky enough to see first hand what Ido Portal and his group are capable of, and it's just jaw dropping. I'm at a loss to describe the level of mastery that they've achieved with bodyweight strength. You really have to see it for yourself, no photo or video can suffice. Now, I realize again the importance of surrounding myself with people better than me.

I foresee these to be very exciting times ahead.

Let's go!


  1. You're more than ready coach! We're going to see great things soon enough! Can't wait!

  2. ahihi! kinilig naman ako. kayang kaya mo yan dear. you were made to be great and do the greatest things :)

  3. ako rin kinilig, ahihi :) good luck and good vibes!!! :)