Why do you train?

A dear friend of mine posed this question to me recently: "Why do you train?"

This had me reflect on what I do, and prompted me to write up this short manifesto that I'd like to share.

- - -

Training is in my nature. It improves me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I train for myself, for my loved ones, and for everyone I know. I train for myself.

I train because we are all in this together. I hope to inspire others in the same way that my teachers, teammates, and everyone of you who go to the box and genuinely give their all in the WODs have and continue to inspire me. And yes, you do inspire me. Iron sharpens iron.

I train to not be a burden to society. I strive to function well in it, to be a credit to it. In learning how to tough it out, I also learn how to yield, and I discover how it is to be truly free.

I train because I know it is difficult. Nothing fruitful comes easy in this world, not for anyone. Not the smartest minds, not the best of technologies, not the most complex of systems can beat simple, consistent, hard work. Everyone can benefit from some grit.

I train to know myself the best I can. Between the floor, the rings, the bars, the plates, the clock and myself, there is no room for lies and charades. My belongings, my issues, other's opinions of me, they all don't matter. There is only me and what I do.

To let go of the burdens that limit me physically, mentally, emotionally, and to help others do the same- that is why I train.

- - -

Now, why do you train?